Forex Signals Eliminate 2 Big Obstacles To Succes

Forex Signals Eliminate 2 Big Obstacles To Success


It seems no matter what you are trying to do, two things always seem to get in the way… time and money.  So, it should come as no surprise these are the two main problems with trying to become a profitable Forex trader.  Forex signals to the rescue.

How Forex Signals Help You Overcome The Obstacle Of TIME

Many Forex trading strategies require a lot of time to trade.  And in most busy lifestyles, people just don’t have the time to sit in front of the charts all day.  Even with trading software and technological advances, it is hard to put everything together into profitable trading… and still have a life.

The easiest solution to this problem is to limit the amount of time you spend trading.  The fact might have eluded you, but it is not necessary to spend a lot of time in front of the charts in order to profit from the Forex markets.  And in most instances, spending less time trading is actually a shortcut to success. 

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For example, Forex Investing Live Signals only take 5-10 minutes a day to trade.  Trade signals are produced at the same time every day.  Taking action is simple and fast.  So, using these Forex signals can overcome the obstacle of not having enough time to trade.

How Forex Signals Help You Overcome The Obstacle Of Money

Many people think they do not have enough money to participate in the Forex markets.  They think investing in Forex is only for people who are already rich and have extra money to invest.  But this does not necessarily have to be true.

First of all, most people can scrape enough money together to being trading Forex.  Yes, we always feel strapped for cash.  But most people, if they really set down and decided to find money to invest, could.

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Now, I’m not going to lie to you.  It takes money to make money.  And most at-home Forex traders are underfunded for their profit goals.

This is why I created The Forex “Money That Matters” Course, which is given to my subscribers at Forex Investing Live on day 20 of their membership.  The course shows how traders with smaller accounts can make up to 3 TIMES more money trading.  This way, even small account holders can make “money that matters” trading Forex signals.

So, you see, there are things you can do to scrape enough money together to get started as Forex traders.  And there are things you can do to make significant, meaningful profits trading Forex with even smaller accounts.  And this can all be done with Forex Investing Live Signals.

Imagine what can happen when TIME and MONEY are no longer obstacles to profiting in the Forex market.  So, you see, you are all out of excuses… there is nothing holding you back from using Forex signals to improve your financial future.

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New Set And Forget Forex Signals Bonuses


Set and Forget Forex Signals now comes with some great new bonuses.  Remember, set and forget Forex signals are very easy to trade and only take about 5 minutes a day.  And now with the new bonuses, you can make trading the signals even more profitable (up to 3 TIMES more profitable) as well as become an independent Forex trader.

Remember, Set and Forget Forex Signals are delivered at the Forex Investing Live website.

Here is a overview of the new bonuses:

Forex “Money That Matters” Course

This is a money management and portfolio management course that can greatly increase the profits from trading the signals, or any strategy you are using.  I truly believe this is the missing link for at-home Forex traders with smaller accounts.  If you feel your are not making meaningful profits for your Forex trading efforts, this is the course for you.

Forex SOS Course & U-Boat FX Strategy

Some subscribers have expressed concern about what to do if the signals service ever stops.  I don’t have any plans to stop the service, but I guess this is a valid concern for subscribers looking for long term profits.  Therefore, I am making this course and trading strategy available.  Subscribers can now learn to trade on their own, so they can be independent if the signals ever stop coming.

This is important.  The U-Boat FX Strategy is not the same strategy I use for the signals.  But it is a strategy that has proven to be profitable over time and is easy to learn.  And since the strategy trades at the same time as the signals, it is easy to spend just a few minutes a day to learn how to trade independently.

As you can see, these are not bonuses that are completely separate from the Forex Investing Live service.  Each bonus enhances the experience a subscriber has using the service.

Forex Investing Live, which provide Set and Forget Forex Signals and Forex End Of Day Signals is primarily a Forex signals service.  But the Forex “Money That Matters” Course can help subscribers with smaller accounts make more money trading this signals so trading is worthwhile.  And the Forex SOS Course and U-Boat FX Strategy can help subscribers add to their portfolio with a trading strategy they can learn and trade on their own.

If you still need to know why you should use a Forex signals service, take our free course: Forex Signals Success Course

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Set And ForgetForex SignalsCase Study2015

Set And Forget Forex Signals Performance (2015)


Set And Forget Forex Signals are a very simple way to profit in the Forex market.  At the same time every trading day (5:30 PM New York Time, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), subscribers sign in to the Premium Member’s Area and see if there is anything to do.  Actions include placing new trades, moving the stop loss to eliminate risk or lock in profit or manually closing trades.

That’s it!  The whole process takes less than 10 minutes a day.

Since this sounds so simple (and it is), many people are wondering… “Is it really possible to make nice profits trading the set and forget way”? 

Here are some performance stats from 2015 to help you answer that question.

We trade 5 currency pairs for Set And Forget Forex Signals: EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, USDCAD and USDCHF.

  • Number of Trades: 95
  • Winning Trades: 64
  • Losing Trades: 31
  • Win %: +67.4%
  • Monthly Pip Average: +743
  • Total Pips: +8920

Let’s look at the pip breakdown by month:

  • Jan:  +1017 pips
  • Feb:  +984 pips
  • Mar:  +1328 pips
  • Apr:  -439 pips
  • May:  +1240 pips
  • Jun:  +252 pips
  • Jul:  +1431 pips
  • Aug:  +84 pips
  • Sep:  +621 pips
  • Oct:  +1104 pips
  • Nov:  -16 pips
  • Dec:  +1314 pips

I think it is fairly obvious that this is a very profitable way of trading.  And the good thing is, it is accessible to most traders since you only take action once a day and don’t need to spend long hours in front of the charts. 

One of the best ways to understand Set And Forget Forex Signals is to go through the MONTHLY results in the Case Study.  In the Case Study, I break down each month and show every trade taken and the result.  Visualize yourself placing the trades and getting the same results.

  • How would you feel?
  • How would the losing trades effect you?
  • Would a losing streak lead to losing confidence in the signals?

Set And Forget Forex Signals Case Study

Download The Report
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In the end, you still need to control your emotions when trading, even though you are not making the trading decisions yourself.  So, go over the 2015 Case Study and really think about what it would be like to trade these signals.

If your conclusion is… “Hey, I can do this”, then you are ready to PROVE to yourself you can.

We offer a FREE 14 Day Trial so potential signals subscribers can see exactly how everything is done.  You get FULL access to the signals and can start the process of learning how to trade Set And Forget Forex Signals.  It really is a great way to end all doubts.

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What Is Set ForgetForex Trading

What Is “Set And Forget Forex Trading”?


Set And Forget Forex Trading is a very simple way to participate in the Forex markets profitably.  But unfortunately, a lot of traders don’t see the true value of set and forget style trading and focus on more complex, time consuming forms of trading.  The difficult road they choose often leads to frustration, loss and the eventual abandonment of Forex trading all together.

Don’t they know there is a simpler, less stressful and less time consuming way to profitable Forex trading?

As the name suggests, “set and forget Forex trading” is a style of trading where you set up your trade, and then forget about it.  You are not sitting in front of the chart watching the trade develop and making important decisions while battling the emotions of fear and greed.  In most cases, set and forget style trading is the ONLY form of trading accessible for the average trader… and the only trading style that can be traded consistently.

Characteristics Of “Set And Forget Forex Trading”

Let’s look at some of the characteristics that make set and forget Forex trading a fantastic way of participating in the Forex market…

Higher Time Frames:  While set and forget Forex trading can be applied to any time frame, we like to use this type of trading on the higher time frames.  Specifically, we like to trade the Daily time frame this way.

Trading At The Same Time Every Day:  Since we trade the set and forget style on the Daily time frame, we only have to make trading decisions ONCE a day.  Trade entry, management or exit is done at the same time.  Basically, this is a true set and forget style, where you take action ONCE a day, and then forget about the trade until the next day at the same time.

Rule Based Entry:  When trading the set and forget style, you want to use a trading strategy that is easy to understand.  When you look at the charts, you want to know if there is an entry or not.  No guesswork.

Rule Based Trade Management:  When you look at the charts you want to know if there is an action to take.  If you are in a trade, do you need to move the stop loss to breakeven, or lock in profits?  You’ll want to be able to answer this question based on rules… and not guesswork.

Rule Based Exits:  Just like entries and trade management, you’ll want clear cut rules as to when to exit the trade.  Is it time to take profit?  You’ll want clear rules to tell you when to exit the trade and take profit, or cut a loss short.  Exiting trades is one of the most difficult parts of Forex trading, and often means the difference between success and failure.

As you can see, there are a lot of trading decisions that become easier when you are trading the set and forget style off the Daily time frame.  Since you are looking at the charts and making important decisions only once a day, a lot of the emotion of trading is eliminated.  Instead of making those decisions on the fly on a fast paced lower time frame, the set and forget trader can eliminate emotions and base trading decisions on RULES… not emotions.

Is Set And Forget Forex Trading Profitable?

Since a lot of traders think they need to “do battle” with the market on the lower time frames, they fail to realize set and forget Forex trading can be very profitable.  When you take into account the lower levels of stress and time commitment, I would argue that set and forget trading is the most profitable form of trading.

In the Set And Forget Forex Signals Case Study, you can see what it is like to trade a set and forget style.  But one thing I want to bring your attention to.  Towards the end of the case study, I break down what it was like to trade the Set And Forget Forex Strategy in 2015 as hourly wages.  (This really shows how this style of trading is “worth the effort”).

  • Imagine making $223.00 an HOUR!
  • Imagine making $1,115.00 an HOUR!
  • Imagine making $2,230.00 an HOUR!

These are possible compensation numbers for the small effort necessary to trade the set and forget way.

To find out more, download the full Set And Forget Forex Signals Case Study…

S&FDownload Now
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Some of you reading this might still be saying, “A style or trading that requires so little time, effort and stress cannot possibly be profitable”.  And that is a shame, because most traders who take the road of large time commitment, lots of effort and high stress eventually fail.  It might seem ironic… but simplifying your trading might be the only way to succeed for the average trader!

If you have not tried the set and forget style of trading the Forex market, you are in for a treat.  To help you understand just how easy and potentially profitable this style of trading can be, we have opened up our 14 Day FREE Trial.

Don’t take my word for the power of Set And Forget Forex Trading… try it our for yourself.

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Set and Forget Forex Signals

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