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Our Mission

The team at Set And Forget Forex Signals is dedicated to helping people who what to profit in the Forex market to reach their goals.  Most people who try to trade Forex with real money under live market conditions fail to reach become successful traders for a variety of reasons.  We want to change that.

Our goal is to take serious people through a training course that ends with them being independent, confident, profitable Forex traders.  This process starts with Forex signals and weekly training lessons and ends with receiving a proven trading system.  Once through the course, we want our students to be able to trade on their own for years to come with confidence.

Our Success

We owe our success to the unique way we teach the Blue Steel FX System. Trading the Forex market can be very confusing and frustrating, especially for a novice trader. Every step of the training program has been simplified so the students can follow along and duplicate our success.

It is one thing to come across a profitable trading system with an edge.  It is quite another to be able to trade that system properly when real money is on the line.  Our trading system helps traders get the trust in the system even before they see it on the charts.  And once a student trusts the system, there is very little chance they will abandon the trading.

Our unique method of signals, training and system can create more success stories than other methods of learning to trade Forex.

Our Subscribers

Our perfect subscriber is not looking for some get-rich-quick gimmick. They are serious people who want to tap into the huge wealth building opportunity that is Forex trading.  They are people who look at trading as a long term method of creating life-changing profits… and want to take control of their financial future.

Subscribers who are most likely to succeed with Set And Forget Forex Signals realize profitable Forex trading is a long-term event.  They do not obsess over the day to day results of trading, but rather look at the overall gains and results that can be achieved.  Our system is designed to help our students achieve their long term financial goals by trading the Blue Steel FX System.

If you are serious about your financial future, and are ready to become an independent, confident, profitable trader, we look forward to welcome you aboard. Register below for more information…

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